Following on from the Prime Minister’s message on Monday 23rd March 2020, churches in the Diocese of Westminster are to close with immediate effect and to remain closed until further notice.

In a message to clergy on Monday evening, the Cardinal said: ‘All churches must be closed, and remain closed. It is essential that we all follow this instruction, painful and difficult though it is.’

In a message to all the faithful, he adds:

‘As our churches have to remain closed, let’s open our hearts even wider. As the Psalms say “Grow higher ancient doors and let the King of Glory enter.” These are the doors of our hearts. God knows well how to fill our lives. We must open our hearts in prayer and silent welcome.

‘Even in this difficult time, there is evidence of so much good. Online congregations at Mass on Sunday were huge. Examples of online participation are so encouraging. Even the experience of the Acts of Spiritual Communion, all made at the same time, were deeply nourishing. God is so good.

‘Today we are learning, step by step, the truth of the old axiom: God is not limited by his sacraments. The Holy Spirit overcomes our distances, prompts and enriches our prayer. Encourage this personal and shared prayer. Don’t finish a telephone call or an online chat without a moment of shared prayer!’

Mass will continue to be offered each day by Canon Colin but in private.

The live-streaming of Mass takes place from several churches in our diocese, including Bishop’s Stortford parish where Fr. Carlos is Assistant Priest. 

CLICK HERE to watch the Live stream from Bishop's Stortford Parish


We want everyone to understand that in these emergency circumstances, and for as long as they last, the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days is removed.  The pandemic is the serious reason why this this obligation does not apply at this time.  Although you will not be able to receive Holy Communion, you will still be able to make a Spiritual Communion e.g. when you are watching a Mass at home.

In these challenging times, we need to take care of each other, being attentive to the needs of our neighbours, especially the elderly and vulnerable, contributing to our local foodbanks and volunteering for charitable initiatives.


Takehomnews will continue to be issued each week, available in the church and on this website but please take it home and do not leave in the Church.

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