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There is something quite challenging but also exciting and adventurous when we have to start a new chapter in our life. It may be moving home, starting a new job or being given extra responsibility. It is at these moments that we need God at our side more than ever. In today’s 1st reading Elijah has had to do some succession planning. He was approaching the end of his ministry as a prophet, growing old and lacking in energy. So it is that Elisha is chosen to succeed him and how this happened is revealed in the first book of the Kings.

Being called to be a disciple of Christ is also challenging, exciting and adventurous, requiring a total commitment. Through our baptism, each of us has been called to be a follower of Christ. Today’s Gospel reading indicates that this cannot be a half-hearted response to God’s calling. It requires a complete dedication allowing Christ to be present in all we say and do.


On Wednesday we celebrate the Solemnity of St Peter and Paul. It is a Holy Day of Obligation. These two saints were instrumental in building up the early Church, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ and establishing Christian Communities in several places. Reading the Acts of the Apostles, we get a detailed account of how they went about their apostolic ministry. Reading the letters of St Paul to his various communities, we get an idea of how well these communities were progressing in their spiritual lives. Despite not being with the other Apostles who accompanied Jesus and despite being a one-time persecutor of the Church, Paul was the greatest missioner. For Peter, we have reports in the Gospels of his activities, not all flattering. However, he became the rock on which the Church was built. Today’s Feast provides us with an opportunity to reflect on our own apostolic work in spreading the Good News.

Masses will be at 9am and 7.30pm. There will also be Masses for the Annunciation School at 11am and the Annunciation Junior School at 2pm.


The annual collection for Peter’s Pence takes place today. These offerings are designated for the Pope’ apostolic and charitable ministry.


Harrow Mencap in previous years have visited the parish about this time in the summer but have not come during the COVID years. They will be here next weekend and will take a second collection to support their charity.


Toys, bric a brac, drinks, baked cakes, plants etc. Items can be left in the office.

We are looking for volunteers to assist at the stalls, and also helpers to set things up on Friday evening. If you are able to help in any way, please speak to one of the priests. Thank you.


“CAFOD says a huge thank you for all your support, prayers, and donations for the people of Ukraine. Catholics in England and Wales have donated over £3 million, and this is enabling immediate, practical support— such as the provision of food, clothing, shelter, and transport. Please keep the people of Ukraine and all our brothers and sisters who face daily suffering, in your prayers.

Visit cafod.org.uk/UkraineAppeal for more information.”


St John Southworth Lancashire, England - 27 June was an English Catholic martyr He is one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales. His family chose to pay heavy fines rather than give up the Catholic faith. He is a patron saint of priests.

ST IRENAEUS, Bishop and Martyr June 28: Saint Irenaeus was the Bishop of Lyon, born in 130 AD in Smyrna in Asia Minor now in modern-day called İzmir, Turkey. He died as a martyr in 202 AD in Lyon, France, previously called Lugdunum.

Salvatorian College – Vacancies

Owing to rapid expansion, Salvatorian College has vacancies for teachers, or those looking to train to teach, in the following subjects: Religious Education, English, and Spanish. In addition, there are vacancies for the following educational support roles: Head of Vocal & Choral Music, and Science Technician. For more information, please visit: https://teaching-vacancies.service.gov.uk/ and search for Salvatorian College, or email recruitment@salvatorian.harrow.sch.uk.


Items for the local foodbank can be left in one of the boxes in the porch. Many thanks to those who have donated already. It has been very much appreciated.

The Universe Catholic Weekly

The Universe Catholic Weekly is thrilled to announce that we have launched our new online newspaper with the full support of our first subscriber none other than His Eminence Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

Order your Digital 4 weeks FREE trial supply by calling Michelle on 0743 661 7650 or email: michelle.jones@universecatholicweekly.co.uk


Secret Garden Party on Thursday 7th July, 6pm-9pm, at College Garden, Westminster Abbey. Tickets start at £55 per person and include a barbecue, alcoholic and soft drinks, live entertainment and a raffle & auction. Tickets can be purchased here on our website:

https://passage.org.uk/get-involved/events/garden-party/ All ticket purchases help us to continue our vital work supporting London’s most vulnerable people.


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