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Takehomenews Sunday 6th December

Fr Colin Writes:

Welcome back to Mass. Let us hope that we can now continue to have Mass each day. We will ofcourse be restricted in numbers attending and need to follow the COVID guidelines which you have kept so well—sanitising your hands, keeping a social distance and following the protocol for receiving Holy Communion.

There will be a large number of people wanting to come to Mass at Christmas. Fortunately, this year we are blessed in having two priests so we can increase the number of Christmas Masses. However it will be necessary to book a place. Please ring the parish Office (See opening times on the front of this Newsletter), giving your name, how many people in your group, which Mass you will be attending and your phone number. There will be 6 Christmas Masses, 3 on Christmas Eve and 3 on Christmas Day. The Masses on Christmas Eve will be at 4pm, 6.30pm and Midnight. The Masses on Christmas Day will be at 9am, 10.30am and 12 Noon. Next weekend we will be issuing a Christmas card with all the times of the services throughout the Christmas period into the New Year. Apart from the 6 Christmas Masses mentioned above, it is not necessary to book a place for any other Mass. We are most grateful for all the excellent stewards who help at Masses and prayer time. Over Christmas we will need more stewards. So if you are able, please contact me to offer your help at one of the Christmas Masses.

Enjoy the anticipation and excitement of Advent. There is plenty of booklets available to help us during the season— ‘Walk with Me’ giving daily meditations, ‘My Day By Day’ giving the daily Mass readings and ‘Bible Alive’ which comments on these. There are also copies of the meditation booklet ‘ According to Thy Word’ and Advent calendars for children.

Father Colin

Advent Litany

Lord Jesus you are the light of the world COME LORD JESUS

You are the light in our darkness COME LORD JESUS

Son of God, save us from our sins COME LORD JESUS

Bring hope into the lives of all people COME LORD JESUS

Give your peace to all nations COME LORD JESUS

Be the joy of all who love you COME LORD JESUS

Bless us as we gather here in your name COME LORD JESUS

Lord Jesus, stay with us. COME LORD JESUS

Parish Council

The Parish Council meets on Thursday at 7.45pm in the church.


The funeral Mass for Isobel McNeillis will be on Monday at 10.30am. Presence at the funeral is at the invitation of the family. However there will be the usual Monday Mass at 7.30am.

2nd Sunday of Advent Year (B)

We have now started the Year of St. Mark in the Church’s calendar. Unlike the other Gospels which start with the Infancy Narratives or in the case of Sr. John with the Prologue, Mark starts with the mission of John the Baptist, 30 years after Jesus’ birth. John the Baptist was a great missionary, he gained many followers and prepared them for the appearance of Jesus Christ. For us, John the Baptist and his mission are helping us to prepare for the coming of Jesus during this Season of Advent. We note that he preached in the wilderness. We can interpret this in different ways. We can see the wilderness as the desert where people are few and far between. But the wilderness could mean a place of uncertainty, somewhere where God has not entered the hearts of the people, a place where there is disorder or unrest. The wilderness could be in the midst of a busy city. It is here that John the Baptist preaches to us today and it is a message of repentance. As John the Baptist proclaimed a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins, we are being urged today to repent of our sins.

Repentance means making a big change in our lives. It is expressed most beautifully by the prophet Isaiah by referring to the valleys being filled in, mountains being laid low, cliffs becoming a plain and the ridges becoming a valley. In other words, we need to change ourselves in a big way, to repent so that we are ready to meet the Lord face to face, so that we can welcome him when he is born into our lives. Although we must make our own preparations, we must help others make theirs. That is why the prophet says that we should shout to others that the Lord is coming: ‘Here is your God’. Ofcourse we have to interpret that instruction to suit the current situation. Shouting is discouraged because it can more easily spread the virus. What matters is the earnestness which we display the Good News that the Lord is here. This year may be an opportunity to display the real meaning of Christmas and the difference that the coming of the Son of God has made to the world. A limit on gatherings and parties this year will enable us to have more time to reflect on the meaning of the Incarnation and how best we can share with others this marvellous episode in the history of the world.

In today’s 2nd reading, the writer of the second letter of St. Peter speaks about the Day of the Lord. He is referring to the moment of Christ’s Second Coming. The reading indicates that it will happen quite suddenly and quite dramatically. So, it means that we should be ready at all times, as if the Lord will come later on today. The reading is urging us to live spotless lives, to be at peace with one another, to make righteousness our priority. In doing this, we are more prepared to celebrate the anniversary of Christ’s 1st coming in 19 days time.

Baptism Preparation

There will be a session for parents who wish to have their baby baptised this afternoon (Sunday) at 4pm in the church.

First Communion 2021

Children in Year 3 or above who would like to receive First Holy Communion next year are invited to complete a yellow—coloured application form from the table at the back of the church or from the office and return it by 13th December. At the moment we are uncertain how the preparation sessions will be arranged but it will certainly require more parental help at home. Once we have the number of applications, we can start making arrangements for the preparation and the First Communion days.

Confirmations 2021

Those in year 10 or above who would like to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation next year are invited to complete a blue coloured application form from the table at the back of the church or from the office and return it by 13th December. At the moment we are uncertain how the preparation will proceed, nor of the date of the Confirmations.

The Passage

The Passage is raising funds through the Big Give from 12 noon Tues 1st December – 12 noon Tues 8th December to support its work Helping Homeless People this winter. Double your Donation, Double your impact. This is a matched giving scheme for online donations. If someone (can be company, individual or trust) gave £10 online matched giving of £10 would bring the Gift up to £20 (and for individuals to £22.50 with Gift Aid with higher rate tax relief it may cost the donor less than £10). For more information ring Andrew Hollingsworth 020 75921886

Saints of the Week

Monday—St. Ambrose. Saint Ambrose, also known as Aurelius Ambrosius, is one of the four original doctors of the Church. He was the Bishop of Milan and became one of the most important theological figures of the 4th century.

Tuesday — The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Happy Solemnity! This is a day to celebrate! Today, we honour the glorious and miraculous Immaculate Conception of our Blessed Mother, an act of God’s most profound mercy.

It is fitting that we see the Immaculate Conception as an act of profound mercy. Mercy is a gratuitous gift of God. By “gratuitous” we mean that it is not merited or earned. Mercy is not owed to us by God.



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