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32nd Sunday Of Year C

As we approach the end of the Church’s year, we turn our minds towards the resurrection as we look forward to the things to come. In the Gospel, Jesus talks to the Sadducees about the resurrection of the dead. The Sadducees did not believe in the resurrection but Jesus himself was to rise from the dead and he invites us to prepare for everlasting life by conducting good lives.

Blessing of Graves

The Blessing of Graves at Hendon Cemetery take place this afternoon at 2pm, starting in the chapel.

Next Sunday, 13th November, the blessings will take place at Golders Green Crematorium, starting with prayers in the nearby St Edward the Confessor Church at 3pm.

Sick & Retired Priests Collection

Next week our parish will take up a collection to help support the basic needs of the sick and retired priests of the Diocese of Westminster. Your generous donation helps ensure these men who have lived their vocation and given their lives to the Church are provided for in their elderly and infirm years. The Sick and Retired Priests Fund helps cover medical, housing, convalescence, and personal needs of these priests, often alone and many without personal savings accumulated. Envelopes are available in the pews and at the back of the church. Please take one home, read about this important work, and return it next weekend with your donation. They have been there for us, let’s be there for them. Many thanks to those who contribute regularly to this Fund through Growing In Faith.

Closing of Door of Mercy at Cathedral

Next Sunday, 13th November, the closing of the Door of Mercy takes place during Vespers at 3.30pm in Westminster Cathedral. Everybody is welcome to go along. The Year of Mercy officially ends the following Sunday, the Feast of Christ the King. Until then we will continue to say the Hail Holy Queen at the Bidding Prayers, and afterwards revert to the Hail Mary.

Living Jesus

The autumn discussion booklet is available in the porch, price £2. As before there are six chapters which can be used either individually or in groups. Each chapter has a section for children. There are 3 groups meeting in the parish as follows:-

Sister Amy’s Group Dominic Room 11am Wednesdays

Sheelagh Benson’s Group 0208 952 0016

Vince Randall’s Group 0208 952 6994

Baptism Preparation

There will be a session for parents who wish to have their baby baptised on Sunday 20th November at 4pm in the Dominic Room.

First Communion Programme

Parents of First Communion children meet on Tuesday at 7.45pm in the parish hall. The children have their session next Sunday at 9.15am in the Parish Centre.

Confirmation 2017

Those in Year 10 or above who wish to be confirmed next year are asked to complete a green application form and return it no later than 20th December. Confirmations will take place at the Annunciation on Friday 26th May at 7pm.

Parish Council Meeting

The Parish Council meet on Thursday at 7.45pm in the Presbytery.

Bereavement Mass

This will take place on Friday 25th November at 7.30pm. It will be our final Mass for the year of Mercy. There will be refreshments in the Parish Centre afterwards.

Thank You From Fr David Burke

Thank you so much for your generous gifts and cards at my farewell mass last Friday. It was lovely to be with you again and to able to chat with you in the hall afterwards. Please do keep me in your prayers as I begin my new appointment in Tottenham and be assured I will keep you in mine.

Annunciation Schools Admission Meetings

The Infants School have their annual admissions meeting in the Parish Centre this Wednesday at 7.30pm. Parents are invited to attend this meeting if they wish their child to be considered for a Nursery or School place at the Infants School in September 2017. This would include those who wish to move from the Nursery to Reception Class.

The admissions meeting for the Junior School is on Monday 28th November at 7pm in the school itself in The Meads. This is for parents who wish their child to be considered for a place in September 2017, including those currently in Year 2 of the Infants School.

At these meetings, application forms will be available. This will include a Certificate of Catholic Practice which needs to be the Parish Priest. The Parish Priest can sign this form only if the family is observing the Church’s precept of attending Mass on Sundays and Holydays of Obligation. Fr Colin will be available to sign school forms in the Parish Centre at the following times:

Thursday 17th November 3-4pm

Tuesday 22nd November 3-4pm

Thursday 1st December 3-4pm

Saturday 17th December 12-1pm.

Rememberance Sunday

Next Sunday is Rememberance Sunday when we pray for all those who have lost their lives at war. We will pause for two minutes silence during the Bidding Prayers at the 10.30 Mass.

Parish Bazaar

This will take place in the Parish Centre on Saturday 19th November between 12 noon and 3pm. Items for the bazaar can be left in the church porch after 30th October. There will be a bottle stall, books and CD’s, toys, tombola, bric a brac, cakes as well as face painting. There will be a raffle and lucky ticket draw. Please do not leave any clothes, shoes, broken items, or electrical goods. If you are able to help, please contact Frances Dymock on 0208 959 1081. Thank you.

Mass Count

The number of people present at Masses on the weekend of 22nd/23rd October was 614, giving an average of 660 for the 4 weeks. This was 55 less than the corresponding weeks of 2015.

Sleepout for Young Minds

Mental health is not a glamorous topic but we all need to be aware of our own status. Most of us wouldn't hesitate to see the GP for physical illness; we need to bring mental health to the same level. Adverse mental health affects people of all ages and works of life. On the 25th of November young people in the Parish will be sleeping outside the Hall to raise awareness of mental health and funds for Young Minds. This is a Charity that supports young people and their families to face the challenges posed by adverse mental health. To donate and/or find out more please visit or see posters in the Church.


Upon entering a little country shop the stranger noticed a sign warning “Danger! Beware of the dog!” posted on the glass door. Inside, he noticed a harmless old hound dog asleep on the floor beside the cash desk. “Is that the dog we are supposed to beware of?” he asked the owner. “Yes, that’s him” came the reply. The stranger couldn’t help but be amused. “That certainly doesn’t look like a dangerous dog to me. Why in the world would you put a sign on the door like that?” “Because” the owner explained “Before I put up the notice, people kept tripping over him.”


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