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4th Sunday of Advent (A)

As we are approaching to the coming of our Saviour on Christmas Day, we begin to see the promise of the Emmanuel, “God is with us.” Instead of seeing our Saviour’s coming from Mary’s view, today we see it from Joseph’s view. Joseph wants to make things right, but he is still afraid. We may be over-whelmed by Christmas, but the Lord encourages us to not be afraid, for Jesus’ coming is a moment of joy.

Advent Litany

Lord Jesus you are the light of the world COME LORD JESUS

You are light in our darkness COME LORD JESUS

Son of God, save us from our sins COME LORD JESUS

Bring hope into the lives of all people COME LORD JESUS

Give your peace to all nations COME LORD JESUS

Be the joy of all who love you COME LORD JESUS

Bless us as we gather here in your name COME LORD JESUS

Lord Jesus, stay with us. COME LORD JESUS

Carol Singing around the Streets

We invite you to join us and the parishioners of St Alphage to sing around the streets this evening (Sunday), gathering in the Parish Centre at 6.30pm. We will return for hot drinks and mince pies. If you have one, please bring your Santa hat. Who will be Father Christmas this year?


If you did not do so last week, please take a card giving all the times of the services over the Christmas period. Tomorrow several priests will be available for confession when we have our Parish Reconciliation Service at 7.30pm.

Children are invited to take part in a Nativity presentation on Christmas Eve at the 6.30pm Mass, the first Mass of Christmas. There will be a rehearsal today (Sunday) after the 10.30am Mass. Midnight Mass will be preceded by a Vigil starting at 11.30pm. Masses on Christmas Day are at the same time as every Sunday.


We thank Four:12 for providing us with an excellent Winter Wonderland evening last weekend. Their hard work in planning, decorating, shopping, picking vegetables, cooking, serving, washing up and tidying up was much appreciated. We can truly be proud of the young people of our parish.

Four:12 will be at it again today when they prepare the lunch for the senior citizens.

Confirmation 2017

Today is the final day for receiving application forms for those who wish to be confirmed next year. (Year 10 or above) There will be a meeting for the parents of those who have applied on Wednesday 25th January at 7.30pm. The first session for candidates will be on Wednesday 1st February at 7pm. Confirmations will take place on Friday 26th May at 7pm when Bishop John Sherrington will administer the Sacrament.

Funeral of Una Kelly

The funeral Mass for Una Kelly will be on Wednesday at 11am. This is in addition to the 9am Mass that day. However, there will be no Holy Hour.

Epiphany Mass at 10.30am

On 8 January at the 10.30am Mass, we will have a special visit of the three Wise Men. We encourage parents to bring their children to meet the Wise Men. The children may even receive a special surprise.


Next week’s newsletter will cover two weeks.

Baptism Preparation

The next session for parents who wish to have their baby baptised is on Sunday 22nd January at 4pm in the Dominic Room. Application forms are available in the sacristy.

Collection for Christmas Flowers

There will be a second collection today for Christmas flowers. We are expecting a new crib prepared by St Joseph’s Pastoral Centre for the new crib figures which were displayed for the first time last Christmas. Donating at the crib will be sent to the Catholic Children’s Society (Westminster).

Westminster Year Book 2017

Copies of the 2017 Westminster Year Book are available in the porch, price £4.50. It gives useful information about parishes, priests, schools and organisations in our Diocese.

Vinny Packs

“The St Vincent de Paul Society is distributing 12,000 Vinnie Packs to the homeless over the winter, mostly in the Westminster diocese. See for more information. They cost about £3.20 to produce. Any contribution will be very welcome. Donations can be made by text VIMP33£[AMOUNT] to 70070 or by cheque made out to SVP and sent to Vinnie Packs, PO Box 72264, SW1P 9EZ.”

Yemen Crisis—A Letter From CAFOD

Advent is a time of prayer and reflection as we look forward to celebrating the birth of Christ. I especially ask over the coming weeks that you remember the people of Yemen. CAFOD is a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) – a coalition of leading aid agencies which has launched an appeal to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The civil war between the Houthi ethnic group and supporters of Yemen’s government is now into its second year. The UN estimates that the conflict has killed more than 10,000 people, with 6,000 people killed this year alone. The resulting humanitarian crisis is significant. More than 7 million in Yemen do not know where their next meal will come from. CAFOD’s partner in Yemen is providing humanitarian assistance in the form of food, water, medical care and shelter. Should anyone like to support this appeal, they can donate online or send in donations to CAFOD, which will be used towards responding to this crisis. Thank you, as always, for all your support and prayers.

Jo Kitterick


The manager of the garden centre came out of his office to hear Jenkins, one of his most trusted assistants, saying to a lady customer “No madam, we certainly haven’t had any for some time and who knows when we will get any.” When the customer had gone, the manager tackled him. “I heard that Jenkins,” he remonstrated, “and I must say that I am surprised at you. Never, never admit to a customer that we can’t get them something. That’s why we’re here. If it’s out of stock, tell her you’ll get it for her soon. Now, what was it the lady wanted?” “Rain” said Jenkins simply.


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